Challenger Training: August Schedule

Posted on 08-16-2022

In order to increase voter turnout and win elections, we need to enhance our presence in the polling place. 

  A presence can be accomplished through becoming an Election Worker (paid and trained by DOE) or a Checker/Challenger (volunteer, we are offering training as noted below).

Remember early voting starts on August 31st.  Primary Election Day is September 13th.


1.       New Castle: no GOP Primaries so only option is becoming Election Worker, or to volunteer to be a Challenger in Kent (some GOP primaries) or Sussex (county-wide Primaries.)  For those who wish to travel to Kent or Sussex to volunteer as a challenger there, limited Challenger Training is being offered on Tuesday August 23rd, 12pm-2pm at 160 Peoples Plaza, Newark. Please note that training will be offered again, specifically for New Castle County, in the first half of October for the November election. Be on the lookout.

2.       Kent:  7 of the 8 RDs (none in 31st RD) have GOP Primaries at some or all of their Election Districts (Polling Places). Challenger Training is being offered on Saturday August 27th from 2:30 to 4:30 pm in Kent GOP Headquarters, 2151 S. DuPont Highway, Dover. 302/922-1733. Please RSVP to or 336 403 6143 so we know we have room. Thanks!

3.       Sussex: County-wide GOP Primaries so need Challengers in every polling place.  Challenger Training offered on Thursday August 25th, 6 to 8 pm; Saturday August 27th, 10 am to noon, and Tuesday August 30th from 6 to 8 pm, at the Georgetown GOP HQ.  Marilyn Booker, Chair of the Sussex County GOP, will conduct the training.

Note: YES, there will be additional statewide Challenger training, likely both in person and via zoom, in early October to prepare for the General Election in November!

Please consider volunteering to be a Challenger so we can help ensure election integrity in Delaware and make sure we get people in office in Delaware and Washington DC who share our views and will protect our rights as guaranteed under the U.S. and Delaware Constitutions, including the all-important right for Delaware to conduct fair elections.  Without the right people in office, none of our efforts matter.


New location: Sussex County Challenger Training

We had too many to fit in original location!

Aug 18 
You only need to attend one of these sessions.


Hello! We needed a bigger space for Challenger Training in Sussex County!!!!

From Marilyn Booker, Chair, Sussex County GOP and Sussex County Challenger Trainer, assisted by Sherry Jarrell:

The following is a list of the training sessions we are doing in Sussex County.  We have changed the location of these to Old Paths Church of Christ, 18295 Redden Road in Georgetown as our office will not accommodate the numbers of volunteers we have.

Thursday, August 25 @ 6 PM
Saturday, August 27 @ 10 AM
Tuesday, August 30 @ 6 PM

I don’t anticipate these sessions to last longer than 2 hours.  We will also develop the schedules for your service so please bring your calendars so we can get the schedules completed.

Thank you again for agreeing to assist with this important activity.

Please send an email to:

Please put Checker-Challenger Training in the Subject Line.

We are still short of the number we need to cover each polling place.  If you know of any others who may be interested in helping us, please ask them to register for our training.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you for your willingness to volunteer for this important job.

Marilyn Booker, Chair


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