Catch Julianne in her Murray Monday Minute~ Or in Person at the Delaware State Fair!

Posted on 07-23-2022

Meet Attorney Julianne Murray

Julianne Murray has never shied away from hard work or a challenge. With crime soaring and an imminent threat to public safety, Julianne will use her energy, determination and knowledge of the law to make our streets safe again.  

Julianne is not a career politician. She is someone who has stepped forward to help when she sees a need. Julianne will be an Attorney General, not an Activist General, who backs the blue, makes public safety once again a priority, and holds everyone equally accountable under the law.

It’s all about experience. Tune into the “Murray Monday Minute” every week to hear how Julianne Murray For Delaware‘s experience makes her the best candidate for Attorney General.

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