Call to Action~Permit to Purchase Senate Hearing

Posted on 04-20-2023

The Democrats are trying to further restrict your rights to bear arms by introducing more infringements and hoops to jump through to purchase a gun. Senate Bill 2 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 26th. A time has not be published yet but expect it to be around noon. 

Mom’s Demand Action are already mobilizing their 15 people for photo ops starting at 8:30 AM that day so lets make sure we get a bigger showing, like we always do. Lets fill Legislative Hall and the hearing with so many pro-gun people there isn’t any space left. 

We expect them to pull their usually shenanigans and pass this out of committee and suspend the rules and vote the same day. They don’t care about our rights, but we must make our voices heard! 

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Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association
P.O. Box 94
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