Posted on 09-27-2022

Greetings, fellow Republicans, 

  This is a CALL TO ACTION!

This Election Season in Sussex County, there are very important contests we must win. We have an excellent slate of candidates who are clearly more qualified than their opponents.  Our Statewide roster is 2nd to none.  We must make sure that Lee Murphy, Julianne Murray, Greg Coverdale and Janice Lorrah win their respective seats.

Locally, we must prevail in SD 6 with Steve Smyk; in RD 4 with Jeff Hilovsky; in RD 14 with Carl Phelps; and RD 20 with Dallas Wingate!
 The future of Delaware is dependent on our success.  I know we can do this!
The other good news is that Kent and New Castle have fielded some excellent candidates as well.  With support from Sussex, we can take over the DE House and Senate and get rid of the dastardly one-party rule in our state!  Let’s make this our collective goal!

We are looking for volunteers to canvass in SD6/RD20 this Saturday, October 1st.

 Meeting face to face with voters has been shown to be one of the most effective campaigning tactics.  It’s also fun to speak with voters and tell them about our outstanding candidates.  At 10 AM, we will be meeting at the Lewes Fire Station #2 at 32198 Janice Road.  We will have bags with literature for our statewide candidates and Steve Smyk and Dallas Wingate this week.

On September 30th we would like to meet at the GOP office, 131 E Market Street in Georgetown at 7 PM.  The purpose of this gathering is to go over the plan and provide you with “talking points” so you are prepared as you engage with voters.  We will be meeting with Republicans, Independents, and Democrats.  We have a very good story to tell, and we want to be sure each of you is comfortable relating it.  Please RSVP by responding to  Please put CAVASSING in the subject line.  Hopefully so many of you will agree to help we will have to find a larger venue!  

In the coming weeks, we will be canvassing in RD 4 for Jeff Hilovsky and in RD 14 for Carl Phelps.  Keep an eye on your emails for the next CALLS TO ACTION! 

Thanks in advance,
Marilyn Booker,
Chair Sussex County Republican Committee

Pictured: Dallas Wingate & Steve Smyk
“Walking the 20th District with State Rep. Steve Smyk, the citizens we’ve met have shared their concerns and their hopes for the future. What do you believe is the top issue facing the communities in our corner of Sussex County?” – Dallas Wingate

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