Broadband Initiative Update

Posted on 08-26-2020

Bloosurf, a wireless internet service provider that has partnered with Delaware to expand internet access throughout the state.

The below message from the Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI) outlines the project’s progress as well as an update in light of the increased funding provided by the federal CARES Act passed in March.  The necessity of having access to high-speed broadband cannot be understated and Delaware is working hard to bridge the digital gaps that exist in our state. The current phase of infrastructure development of the Rural Wireless Broadband initiative is nearly complete, with all 15 towers expected to be online by the end of August.

Thanks to an infusion of funding from the CARES Act and in partnership with the Delaware Department of Education, we were able to accelerate the timeline of the tower build out – four months ahead of schedule. We will also now be able to continue building out additional infrastructure across Delaware, gather strategic data through a statewide speed test, and acquire equipment and services for families in financial need.