BRADY BULLETIN~ Call to Action

Posted on 05-12-2021

Delaware Republicans,

On Thursday, the Delaware House of Representatives will consider House Bill 75. This is a Constitutional Amendment that will take election integrity protections out of our State Constitution and put all matters related to voting in the discretion of the General Assembly.

Delaware has a long tradition of safe, sound, and accurate elections in which we could have confidence.  Last year, the General Assembly changed the rules, temporarily, using the COVID pandemic as an excuse, to permit mail in voting.  That is a preview of what they have planned if the Constitutional protections are removed. As many of you personally experienced, our voter rolls are inaccurate, multiple applications for ballots were delivered to homes in error, and mistakes occurred in the printing. That is no way to run an election.

While we do not have a majority in either house of the General Assembly, a change to our Constitution requires a supermajority, which the Democrats do not have in the State House.  But, they are only two votes short, and the Democrats really want the power over our elections in their hands.  Your Republican Representatives in Dover have been under a lot of pressure to vote for the Amendment.  We need to let them know that we support them and sound, accurate elections.


Send a note to your Representative, or all of the Republicans, and encourage them to hold strong and protect our voting rights. The link to their email addresses is below. 


And, by the way, we are not just the party of “No” when it comes to voting legislation. The House and Senate Republican caucuses have issued a package of proposed reforms that address some of the concerns raised as a result of last November’s election experience. Click here to see the new video and get more information.

This package of bills would assure a standard identification system for applying for absentee ballots, identifying voters at the polls, and verifying a voter’s identity when voting by mail.  They have also proposed to increase penalties for voter fraud and to establish a task force to tackle the historic problem of inaccurate voter lists. Our rough analysis at Headquarters estimates as many as 15% of the listed voters have actually moved out of Delaware.

Tell your Republican legislator you appreciate that they want your vote, and everyone’s vote, to count.


Jane Brady


Delaware State Republican Party


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