Posted on 11-11-2022

November 11, 2022

A message from Chair Jane Brady:

I share the disappointment I know many of you feel in the results of the election on Tuesday. But the “red wave” did not happen anywhere, and Delaware was no exception. We knew it was going to be difficult to defeat the incumbent Democrats, and I know we were hopeful for the sentiment we share to motivate our fellow citizens to demand change. That did not happen. 

“We” tried. By “we’ I mean the candidates, the volunteers, the donors, the staff at headquarters and myself. Everyone worked hard. Ultimately, no incumbent who was running for the office they held, lost. Not a Democrat or Republican. That was a significant factor. And, all the energy, money, and new and innovative initiatives we brought to the election did not change the result. That is frustrating. And, when we look at the numbers, not enough Republicans came to the polls to vote. Every candidate, Representative District, Region, and Headquarters had a GOTV plan, and everyone executed it. Ideas on how to get more Republicans to the polls are welcome!

But, we did make some gains. Importantly, I want to congratulate the winners, all our incumbent legislators and local office holders, and especially, Eric Buckson for State Senate, Robert Scott, Gregg Fuller, Paul Hertz for Levy Court, Alexandria Baker, Dr. Jeff Hilovsky for Delaware House District 4, Eugenia Thornton for Kent County Recorder of Deeds, and Norman Barlow – Kent County Sheriff Elect, challengers who won!

We also built a stronger public presence. We are visible on social media like never before. We started a newspaper, Delaware Times, that I intend to continue publishing. We have a YouTube channel and TV production effort. We have a group of quality candidates, many of whom are willing to try again. We solicited money to support our first-time candidates and made sure all of them had literature, signs, and a website. We had more volunteers than ever.

So, I want to say thank you. Thank you to the candidates who were willing to put their name on the line, their feet to the streets and engage with the voters. Thank you to the volunteers who supported those candidates, making phone calls, going door-to-door, making donations, and urging others that they knew to vote for our candidates. Thank you to the donors who were willing to support our efforts and those of our candidates with their hard-earned money. And finally, I have to thank my staff, our interns, and all the people who worked behind the scenes to do the numbers and analysis that helped us target voters. 

I certainly want to spend some time reflecting and urge anyone who has ideas or thoughts on what we could do better or differently to email me or call me. I would like to hear from you. However, we also need to look forward. 

We have two years until the race for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Insurance Commissioner. We have school board elections in May. Work with me to develop a plan to build on the foundation we established this year to win in 2024. Let’s get to work.