Bill Seeking to Protect Political Beliefs Released from Committee

Posted on 05-20-2021

A bill to protect Delawareans from persecution based on their political perspective cleared a House committee earlier this week.
House Bill 154, sponsored by State Rep. Mike Smith (R-Pike Creek Valley), in photo, would make it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against any individual because of his or her political affiliation or beliefs.
“Sixty-two percent of Americans won’t discuss their political beliefs because others might find it offensive,” Rep. Smith told members of the House Judiciary Committee during a virtual hearing. He added that the measure is an attempt to curtail politically motivated animosity.
Rep. Smith said while there were some issues expressed by the Department of Labor and the Attorney General’s Office regarding the language of the bill, he was willing to work with both agencies to refine the measure before it is considered on the House floor.