Bill requiring permits to buy handguns clears first hurdle:

Posted on 04-28-2023

Women’s Defense Coalition


Yes, they did bus in about 50 Mom’s Demand Action Members. It was complete optics and don’t let them fool you. They would not have to do this if these anti women’s & public safety lawmakers had the full support of their own party.

For those of you who came, spoke, email, called, or participated in some way….

THANK YOU. I know this is not how you want to spend your time, year and year again. 

We should not have to beg the government for OUR RIGHTS when the constitution was written to prevent the need to do so. However, those of you who do speak up are speaking for those who can’t. 

Some key points:

This bill has OPPOSITION from lawmakers on BOTH sides. This is extremely important. There are 4 Democrats in the HOUSE who absolutely oppose SB 2. There are a few more on the fence. It will go through the Senate Finance committee next according to the bill’s progress on the legislative website. Here is the Senate Finance Committee and members

ALL Republicans will vote NO. Here are a few to get you started but you can click on the name in this link and send them an email right from there;;;;;;;;;

DO NOT LOSE HOPE. This is what they are counting on and want. We STOPPED permit to purchase once before and IN THE HOUSE. They just didn’t have enough Democrat Reps who supported it. The Dems who oppose it are feeling the pressure and the more opposition they face the greater the chance of them going against their own party behind closed doors which could completely stall it until session is over just like last time.

The fiscal note per year is HEFTY….. Over 2 million to get started and then about 8 million per year. You will be paying taxes to cover this AND then have to pay for your own permitting process if you are not at or below the 200% poverty rate. The allotted amount of money for free training vouchers is limited within the fiscal note.

You can view the full bill here

You can view the fiscal note here, just scroll down and click on fiscal note where it says completed

This permit, if passes, will only be valid for 6 months and could take up to 3 months to approve. Maryland’s permit to purchase is valid for YEARS and has a provision in the bill to allow for the purchase of another gun if yours is stolen or damaged, is recalled, etc. Delaware does not have ANY of these provisions. 

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