ATTENTION: Workshop Being Held Thursday on Banning the Sale of Most Gasoline & Diesel-Powered Vehicles in Delaware~Sussex County Legislators Chime in!

Posted on 12-14-2022

Article by: Representative Jesse Vanderwende

Learn the facts about Governor Carney’s plan to dramatically reduce the sale of new gasoline-powered cars starting in less than 3 years.

Delaware’s Misguided Rush to Adopt Rules to Ban Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles

MESSAGE FROM:  Senator Brian Pettyjohn

Complaining to legislators will do little to change the direction DNREC is taking.  This is a regulatory, not a legislative process.  Please let your concerns be known to DNREC, there is a public process which members of the public must be loud and let DNREC know the people don’t support this.   It has worked in the past with other misguided regulations.  It’s time for the people to act as well as legislators, working together. They have to receive public comment from the public directly.  Please send your comments to

Thank you.

Zoom Meeting and Radio for listening information:

DNREC will be hosting the final two public hearings regarding its new electric vehicle regulations.

Participation link is below:

Thursday, December 15 at 6 p.m.

Additional information if you need to connect via phone:

NOTE – Message from Delaware WGMD:

As a public service, WGMD 98.5 will commit up to 2 hours of airtime Thursday evening 6 pm – 8 pm to air the Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Clean Air Workshop.

This will be the third workshop on this topic, and if it follows the previous events, it promises to be spirited once all the BS has been presented.

The primary reason for airing this event is to educate those who do not have the internet facilities to receive the ZOOM presentation.”

This is an important change coming to the First State.

Please send your comments to