ATF AGENTS… Knocking on Delawareans doors!!!

Posted on 07-26-2022

Greetings Team Murray!   It has been a very busy week.  Last Thursday, the Delaware State Fair opened and Murray for Delaware has a prime spot right inside the main entrance.  Lots of dedicated volunteers have worked shifts from 10AM-8PM in the sweltering heat.  The feedback from attendees has been terrific – lots of support!   Also last week, for those that aren’t aware, a video captured by a Delaware resident who was visited by ATF and Delaware State Police went viral.  The purpose of the visit was to verify that the Delaware resident had a weapon he had purchased in his possession.  The agents indicated that they were concerned about straw purchases. For those that don’t know what a straw purchase is – it is when someone who can legally purchase a gun does so for someone that cannot legally purchase on their own.  The agents made sure to say he hadn’t done anything wrong and that they just wanted his cooperation.  Our email and social media accounts blew up when this video spread with questions about whether or not this visit was constitutional and what I thought about it.   First – It was not a violation of the Delaware resident’s 4th amendment rights because he gave consent.  He gave consent by complying with the agents’ requests.  Let this be a lesson to all – consent can take many forms and will actually override your 4th amendment protections.  I dedicated this week’s Murray Monday Minute to how to handle this if it happens to you.
Murray Monday Minute:
Stay Fearless
Second – how do I feel about this? It bothers me. Our current AG has said that she is concerned with straw purchases and that they are cracking down on straw purchasers. While I agree that cracking down on straw purchasers is important, sending law enforcement to law abiding citizens homes on a fishing expedition goes too far. Our current AG has made it clear that she wants to curtail legal gun ownership. I have a problem with that.   Perhaps she should be more focused on not dropping charges on criminals that are caught with weapons. The numbers are staggering. She is boasting that she has an 85% conviction rate on “gun violence cases” but we have a report that shows over the past 3 years she is actually dropping an average of approximately 85% of weapons charges. Her job is to prosecute and enforce the law – period.  

This upcoming week we still have the Delaware State Fair. Please come by and check out our booth! If you can come on Thursday, the 28th around 3:30 you will get a free t-shirt. The 28th is Governor’s Day at the Fair. We think it will send a powerful message if we have a large crown in Murray for AG t-shirts.  
Remember- I’m FEARLESS about this election. Fearless out…MURRAY FOR DELAWARE

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