Assisted Suicide Bill Wins Release from Committee

Posted on 01-29-2022

Assisted Suicide Bill Wins  Release from Committee

A bill seeking to create a process that would allow terminally ill Delawareans to commit suicide was released from committee earlier this week.
House Bill 140 would create a multi-step process allowing Delawareans with less than six months to live to obtain and self-administer a lethal dosage of medication.
Under the measure, a designated medical professional would have to confirm that the patient seeking suicide was capable of making an informed, rational, and voluntary decision.
Individuals seeking this option would be required to be presented with all available alternatives including comfort care, hospice care, and pain control.  Two waiting periods would also be built into the process.  The bill would not allow anyone to request the fatal dosage on behalf of another individual.
Currently, nine states have enacted assisted-suicide laws. The process is also legal in Montana as the result of a ruling by that state’s supreme court.