And A Happy New Year 🎊

Posted on 12-29-2022

The New Year is around the corner,

As an active Republican, I wanted to reach out one last time before we say goodbye to 2022.

I couldn’t be prouder of our team and volunteers this year. We worked our hearts out for a great cause: the people of Delaware.

But before we say hello to 2023, I have one quick favor…

FIRST ➡️ before we close the books on 2022, please remember, we made big investments in our candidates; ground game; and messaging operation. We made historic investments in our Party’s infrastructure, and we do not want to slow it down for the new year.

SECOND ➡️ As an active Republican in Delaware, your support helps us continue to push back against the liberal agenda in Dover and Washington.

If we cease our Republican rapid response, thousands in Delaware will be voiceless.

I am honored to be your Republican Chair and I will never give up on our party because you and your voice matters.

Thank you,

Jane Brady
Chair, Delaware Republican Party

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