ALERT! Delaware’s “Climate Change” bill (SB 305). NOT good for citizens or businesses!

Posted on 06-08-2022

  Delaware’s Senate Energy Committee is meeting tomorrow (on zoom), Wednesday, June 8th, at 1 PM ET, and will vote on Governor Carney’s major climate change bill we warned you about last week!  

The bill’s name is SB 305! There are some serious questions that the public needs to ask during the public hearing. Please register for the virtual hearing so you can ask questions or watch the hearing.   A major bill like this should not pass- not this quick just weeks before the end of session (June 30th)!

  SB305 gives state agencies a blank check to implement carbon reduction schemes with no further legislative impact. In the past implementation has required a two-thirds bipartisan majority for establishing mandates, such as, requiring the use of wind and solar power, energy efficiency, and a carbon tax on electric generators that are now adding about $120 a year to electric bills. 

DNREC is already studying mandates for a large offshore wind project that could increase electric bills by $500 a year, a ban on gasoline powered motor vehicle sales that would require paying $15,000 more/vehicle and banning the use of natural gas and propane for building heating, hot water heating, and cooking.

 Such changes should be passed by the legislature, not by unelected bureaucrats. Since this bill adds to agency workload, SB305 should be required to have a two-thirds majority vote.

CLICK HERE to email the Senate Energy Committee members and say NO to SB 305!