A group of lawmakers met~Discussing DNREC’s Electric Vehicle Mandate

Posted on 01-17-2023

A group of lawmakers met Wednesday to discuss ongoing efforts by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to ban the sale of all new gasoline and diesel cars, trucks, and SUVs.

DNREC is engaged in the process of promulgating California’s Clean Car II regulations. The rules will require that by the fall of 2025 (model year 2026), 35% of all new light-duty vehicles sold in Delaware be zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The mandated percentage of ZEV sales increases every year afterward, reaching 100% in model year 2035 — effectively banning the sale of new fuel-powered vehicles.

The sale of plug-in electric hybrid vehicles, which are classified as zero-emission vehicles under the California rules, would also be restricted to no more than 20% of new car sales in model year 2035.

State Rep. Rich Collins has been an outspoken critic of DNREC’s actions on electric vehicles (EVs), believing that the agency is overstepping its authority by imposing its will on car dealers and consumers.

During public workshops held to discuss the new rules, DNREC officials maintained the new regulations were in the best environmental interests of Delaware. However, Rep. Collins says Delaware already meets federal air quality standards and has the option of observing the less restrictive federal benchmarks rather than adopting the more problematic California protocols.

Rep. Collins maintains that a rapid, forced transition to electric vehicles will disrupt the marketplace, require huge investments to upgrade the power grid, and require taxpayers to spend untold millions of dollars to subsidize the installation of new charging stations. He added that lower-income Delawareans will be hit hardest as new car prices rise and the availability of affordable used vehicles shrinks. He added that statements by DNREC officials that Delawareans will still be able to purchase and drive used fuel-powered vehicles after 2035 are disingenuous. Citing California’s clean car initiative, he said emissions standards will be raised on existing gasoline and diesel vehicles — quickly eliminating them as an economically viable option.

“No state agency should be telling Delawareans what kinds of cars they can purchase,” said State Rep. Charles Postles, who also attended the briefing. “Electric vehicles, while a prudent choice for some, are not close to meeting the requirements of all consumers — especially in the case of working Delawareans that use their cars and trucks for hauling. There are more than a dozen major issues connected to the forced premature adoption of EVs, most of which are unlikely to be solved in the short timeline DNREC is seeking to implement.”

DNREC will reportedly take the next step to promulgate the Clean Car II regulations between now and March, when an announcement will be published in the state Register of Regulations.

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