Posted on 09-10-2022

Sunday will mark the 21st Anniversary of 9/11.

Close your eyes for just a minute and remember where you were and how you felt on that very day…………

Shortly after all Americans decided it was time to come together and stand as ONE NATION UNDIVIDED. When the initial shock settled, we listened to the President speak and within days we Flew Our Flags, put them on our cars and shouted USA, USA, USA, as our armed forces were dispatched to find those who caused the tragedy to us and OUR COUNTRY. This Sunday we need to come together again and unite, forget our partisan politics and show we are PROUD AMERICANS and yes, we still are the best country in the world. We need to thank all who serve in civil service whether it be Military, Police, Fire personal or others. May the Lord above protect those who serve our nation and all of us in it.

9-11 FDNY Rescue 4