The fentanyl poisoning of our state:

Posted on 11-07-2022

Good evening, fellow Republicans, 

This Tuesday, tomorrow we are looking forward to a Red Wave.  We’ve been hearing about it for months now.  Let’s hope this wave comes to our shores and washes across our state.

I have attached a video that you should find not only interesting but scary. It discusses the fentanyl poisonings that are plaguing our country.  As you know this is directly related to our open border.  Delaware has been particularly hard hit.  Please pass this along to your lists.  We must sound the alarm and make our fellow citizens aware.  Sometimes I feel as though we think that just because we are small and live in this wonderful area, we are immune to these types of catastrophes.  Sadly, that’s not so.

Finally, instead of our regular Region Meeting on 11/14, we will be having a pizza party.  We want to thank everyone for all the hard work they’ve done over this election period.  Anyone who has worked as a checker-challenger, absentee ballot observer, made phone calls, canvassed, sign waved, addressed envelopes, or worked as a greeter at the polls is invited.  Please pass this invitation to anyone who may not receive this message.

In order to be certain we have enough food, please RSVP by Sunday, 11/13 to:  Put PIZZA in the subject line.  

Please pray and encourage your Republican friends and family members to vote.

 We must get every Republican to the polls to vote.

Marilyn Booker, Chair

Sussex County Republican Committee