43 to compete for 23 school board seats in May 9 election.

Posted on 03-23-2023

The list of school board candidates for the May 9 election has been finalized after delays caused by new background check regulations. 

43 candidates will run for 23 vacancies across 16 school districts.

Sussex County

Cape Henlopen School District (1 open seat)

  • Shawn L. Lovenguth
  • Jessica A. Tyndall, incumbent

Delmar School District (1 open seat)

  • Shane Bowden
  • Dawn M. Turner

Indian River School District (2 open seats)

  • Michael R. Bellerose, District 2
  • Leo J. Darmstadter III, District 2
  • Ivan D. Neal, District 2
  • Leolga T. Wright, incumbent District 3 

Laurel School District (1 open seat)

  • Ivy Bonk
  • Sabrina Isler, incumbent

Seaford School District (1 open seat)

  • Armore Rice
  • Stephanie Smith
  • David Tull, incumbent 

Woodbridge School District (1 open seat)

  • Jeffrey W. Allen, incumbent

To find contact information for each candidate, click here.

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43 to compete for 23 school board seats in May 9 election (delawarelive.com)