PRESS RELEASE: Delaware GOP Supports Legal Challenges to Delaware’s Election Laws
The Delaware Republican Party applauds the lawsuit, filed today by M Jane Brady on behalf of Michael Mennella, an inspector for the Delaware Department of Elections for many elections over the past five or six years. The lawsuit, filed with the assistance and cooperation of the Public Interest Legal Foundation against The Honorable Anthony J. Albence and the Department of Elections, challenges the constitutionality of the statutes relating to early voting and permanent absentee voting status.
“The election laws in our Constitution have protected the integrity of Delaware elections for decades. We must ensure that our statutes conform to those protections”, stated Henry (Hank) McCann, National Committeeman for the Delaware State Republican Party. “If the legislature wants to change our election laws, they must properly enact an Amendment to the Constitution. The current, proposed Amendment is flawed, as it gives the majority party the power to simply take away those Constitutional provisions that have protected the integrity of our elections.”

Lawsuit makes national new media: