“This past week, two incidents have come to light where Republican Party members in Delaware used words that were construed as offensive and hurtful. Because one of those was Mrs. Nelly Jordan, the Vice-Chair of the Sussex County Republican Party, I find it necessary to comment.

“First and foremost, the Sussex County Republican Party (SCRP) welcomes and respects all individuals regardless of color, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. This also holds true for the Delaware State Republican Party and the National Party. We welcome members from all groups and there is no place for intolerance.

“In today’s hyper-political environment words are often used without much thought as to their actual meaning. That said, we can and must do better.

“The actions of SCRP Vice-Chair Nelly Jordan are my concern and I take the situation very seriously. The SCRP has procedures for evaluating the conduct of our members and holding them accountable when required. The procedures have been used in the past and will be scrupulously adhered to in this case as well.

As the official responsible for ensuring these procedures are conducted properly and fairly, it is not appropriate for me to comment publicly about the matter further.”

County Republican Party Chairman

Don Petitmermet

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