Notice of Call to Action from the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association

Posted on 04-17-2021


Senate Substitute 1 to Senate Bill 3 “Permit to purchase” and Senate Bill 6 with Senate Amendment 1 “Standard capacity magazine ban” have been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.

The hearing date has not be set yet. Neither bill is on the 4/20 committee hearing notice so it is expected at the earliest, they may be presented on 4/27. When there is a date and time, an event page will be created with more details.

Now is the time to contact your State Representative, as well as the committee member’s who have not yet opposed these bills, and respectfully tell them that you do not support these bills and you want them to oppose them as well. Include your name and address so they know you’re a Delawarean.

Here are the committee members who need to hear from you:
Chair: Sean M. Lynn (D) ( 744-4351

Vice-Chair: Krista Griffith (D) ( 744-4351


Franklin D. Cooke (D) ( 744-4351
Gerald L. Brady (D) ( 744-4351
Sherry Dorsey Walker (D) ( 744-4351
John L. Mitchell (D) ( 744-4351


After a three-and-a-half-hour hearing, a House committee released a highly charged gun bill to the chamber floor Tuesday. The House Judiciary Committee voted on party lines to approve legislation that would prohibit magazines capable of holding more than 17 rounds, one of two gun-related measures the General Assembly is currently considering.