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Posted on 12-20-2022

Urgent request: Toys in Need

Dear friends,

Today we received a call informing us the Maryland Toys for Tots are short and the children on the list below would not receive.  Yes, I know gasp!  However, as the need has grown the number of volunteers and those with the abilities to donate depleted.  For this reason, we are asking, if you can, would you please be kind enough to be Santa’s Helper.  This list has almost 100 children.  The ages and genders are below as well.  If you are not able to shop and would like to do your donation by check or gift card this is also acceptable. We have been assured there are a group of elves who can do the shopping to get the job done! 

The address and contact information are all included. 

Thank you so much for your gift to help the children get at least one gift this year. 

May the Joy of Christmas be in your Heart!

New Coverdale Outreach Mission In.

Phone: 302-629-3036, 

Address: 22215 Coverdale Road, Seaford DE




9 Boys, 10 Girls

3-4 yrs old

5 boys, 6 girls

5-6 yrs old

7 boys, 6 girls

7-8 yrs old

8 boys, 7girls

9-10 yrs old

8 boys, 6 girls 

​Warm Regards and Merry Christmas to all,

Sussex County GOP